The Film

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ART Heart is will be in production 2016-2019. The Directors (Celeste & Elliat) will meet at artist residencies to conduct intensive filming, interviews, and edits/assembly, as well as creating sections independently. ART Heart plans to premiere in 2020.

The film merges personal narratives and coming of age stories inside the Riot Grrrl herstory in Olympia / along the west coast. Celeste & Elliat will script out their personal stories of growing up and coming of age as queer femme feminist riot grrrl teens, as well as including interviews with others about their experiences of the movement. These narratives will be accompanied by animation, mixed archive footage, video art sequences / mash-ups, as well as interviews with select people who influenced and engaged in their coming of age.

As riot grrrl narratives have predominantly been focused on white middle class grrrl realities, this film will reframe what stories get told and how. This fresh new look at riot grrrl from the perspective of the “children of” the movement, incorporating very personal perspectives, hopes to inspire new generations of young queer teens and feminists!