Get Involved!

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This sound like an exciting film project to you? Want to find ways to be involved and contribute?

First off, write to us and let us know if you have any ideas or questions!

Secondly, we need support during the production! Some examples include:

CASH: This film project is a labor of love, and we also want to make sure the film gets as much love and attention as it needs to fulfill its potential! Enjoy throwing parties and want to throw one for ART HEART? Got a trust fund you feel you could dip into to support amazing queer/feminist filmmakers? Enjoy running crowdfunding campaigns and asking people for cash and feel like this film needs to be happen? MAKE A DONATION or write us about giving your fundraising support!

RESIDENCIES: Got a residency or want to host us? (Primarily places in the Seattle/Olympia area, but other parts of the country work great too, especially in San Francisco and NYC). Let us know!

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Want to help us with transport, moving equipment and setting up shoots, helping with hospitalities and other logistical support while we process and shoot and do interviews? Write us and we’ll coordinate when our next upcoming production is!

PRODUCTION INTERNS: Are you interested in gaining more experience with film production? Want to help us with marketing, transcribing, doing camera work during shoots? Write to us to learn more and see how you can join in!

ARCHIVE NERDS: This film is as much about us as it is about everyone else, in the sense that we want to present some cool archival material within this film! That includes: zines, books, films, video of performances, t-shirts/patches/buttons, photographs, personal video of events/gatherings, writing, etc. If you are a nerd who held onto your festival passes and have great photos and weird video of festivals and concerts, we’d love to have you as a contributing Archive Nerd!! Write to us!